Marilyn & Bill

Marilyn Ann Staats ...

born on December 23, 1952 and still going STRONG!

In March of 2011, unexpectedly, Marilyn was diagnosed with small cell carcinoma, also known as Small Cell Lung Cancer. Cancer is one of the most frightening medical conditions in the world, and it has touched nearly everyone’s life in one way or another. Our hearts and prayers go out to all of those having to cope with this treacherous and life altering disease.

Beginning in April 2011 Marilyn’s specialists had her undergo a vigorous regimen of chemotherapy and radiation on her throat, chest and brain. Her original prognosis looked bleak to say the least and provided no indication that remission was even possible. With her father as an angel on her shoulder, and the love, support and prayers of all her family and friends Marilyn rose to the challenge with her head held high and “climbed that mountain”. It was definitely an uphill battle but she made it “to the other side”. Our prayers were finally answered, the news of Marilyn’s remission arrived on Friday, March 16, 2012 – Marilyn Staats is a SURVIVOR!!!!

Marilyn is the strongest, loving, caring and devoted Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, friend and Person one could ever imagine.

Marilyn was born, raised, attended schools, worked and settled down in Montgomery Township, NJ. She is one of seven children that blessed Antonio and Doris Colangelo. In 1970, Marilyn married her high school sweetheart and loving husband of today, Bill Staats. They are the proud and loving parents of four children and doubly proud Grandparents of three grandchildren, with another one on the way.

The newest addition is expected to arrive shortly after the annual 4th of July Staats Family Reunion that Marilyn and Bill host at their home every year.

We give many thanks to God that Marilyn will be celebrating and enjoying her 60th birthday this year! FAITH – Live by faith – Not by sight…

Unfortunately, love, support and prayers cannot undo the financial devastation that is suffered while undergoing cancer treatment and recovery. That is why we need your support. “JUST DO IT!”

THANK YOU for celebrating Marilyn’s recovery with us!